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GOLD LABEL - HOT-N-READY 3oz. Persimmon Scent 3oz.
GOLD LABEL - HOT-N-READY 3oz.Persimmon Scent 3oz.

 100% Whitetail doe urine collected only during the estrus cycle.

Ripe persimmons are like candy for deer, and a great food source for many types of game.  Use this scent in southern states as a cover scent, or food attractant.  Our persimmon scent works great to attract Whitetail Deer, Hogs, and Bear.



Scrape Master Scrape Beads 2oz. GOLD LABEL - HOT-N-READY XXX 3oz.
Scrape Master Scrape Beads 2oz.GOLD LABEL - HOT-N-READY XXX 3oz.
Infused with 2 ounces of Scrape Master (a blend of dominate buck and doe estrus). Scrape Beads slowly release scent over time, and will last for weeks. In addition, as deer in the area visit the scrape, their urine will be absorbed in the beads....Gold Label Hot-N-Ready XXX 3 oz. This scent is the finest estrus lure in the market! Hot-N-Ready XXX is only collected during the absolute peak of the estrus cycle when the doe is ready to stand and breed. These doe's are so hot we had to give it a triple X rating